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Hair Care

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Bio Solutions

Product INCI Features/Benefits 
BIO VEGETAL See Technical Information Blend of vectorized tyrosine and botanical extracts which are rich in tannins and vegetable pigments. Has tonic, anti-free radicals and self tanning properties for skin and hair.
BIO CONTROL See Technical Information Bio normalizer capillary complex composed by botanical extracts, organic silica and methionine. Helps to refresh and revitalize hair.
BIO-RESTORE® See Technical Information Exclusive complexes formed by carbo-cisteine and conditioner agents. developed to restore extra dry and damaged hair due to chemical damage.
FRIOGEL See Technical Information Ester from menthol with refreshing and long lasting effect properties. Liquid product suitable for the manufacture of several cosmetic products.
HYDRA.SIL® See Technical Information Silanetriol Panthenol. It protects the hydrogen bonds during chemical processes. Confers differential hydration to hair. Resistant to a wide range of pH.
KERAFILM® See Technical Information Amino acids complex that forms a protector film which moisturizes the capillary fibers and improves hair texture. Has a sealant action and repairs the capillary fibers.
OLIGOMIX® See Technical Information blend trace elements that serve as enzyme cofactors maintaining the biological balance. The presence of Acetyl Methionine promotes the normalization of cellular metabolism.s
PRO LISS® 100 See Technical Information Exclusive technology for "thermal realignment" of hair. It confers shine and discipline.
VITALOE See Technical Information Aloe extract enriched with polypeptides. Nourish, moistures and protects kin and dry hair.


 Natural Oil Derivatives

Product INCI Features/Benefits
POLYGREEN® CATIOLIVE Olivamidopropyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride Cationic surfactant from olive. Acts as an emulsifying agent of the fatty components. Improves comb ability and hair shine.
POLYGREEN®  OLIVE BUTTER Hydrogenated Olive Oil Olive Butter, Excellent emollient and conditioning properties. It prevents skin from drying and improves damaged hair.
POLYGREEN®OLIVE LEAVES Olive (Olea Europaea) Leaf Extract  Olive leafs have a high content in oleuropeina polyphenol which is known by its high antioxidant and anti-microbial action.
POLYGREEN®OLIVELIGHT Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponfiables/Hydrogenated Ethyllhexyl Olivate 100% natural olive ester with excellent penetration in the skin without an oily residual. It has a dry and smooth after feel. Alternative to silicones.
POLYGREEN®OLIVE WAX hydrogenated Olive Oil Highly stable product. Natural alternative to waxes with synthetic or animal orgin. Suitable for the manufacture of make-up
POLYGREEN ORBIGNYA BETA Butyl babassuatea babassuamidopropyl Betaine Amphoteric surfactant from babassu oil. Especially developed to improve foam and emollience of shampoos and liguid soaps
POLYGREEN®ORBIGNYA CT Cetyl Babassuate Babassu ester. Viscosity enchancer for creams and emulsions with moisturizing and softening properties
POLYGREEN®ORBIGNYA MEA  Babassuate MEA Monoethanolamide from the  Babassu fatty acids. it has a thickening and foam stabilizing properties. Suitable for the manufacture of shampoos and liquid soaps
POLYGREEN®ORBIGNYA QUAT Babassuamidopropyltrimonium Chloride Babassu cationic surfactant with excellent anti static properties. Improves hair shine and brushing. Emulsifying agent for oil compounds.
POLYGREEN®ORBIGNYA T Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil Babassu oil with a high content of trglicerides(lauric, myristic and oleic). Excellent emollient and lubricant to prevent dryness of hair and skin.
POLYGREEN®SENSOLIVE See Technical Information 100% natural olive ester with excellent penetration in the skin without an oily residual. It has a dry and smooth feel. Alternative to silicones.
POLYGREEN®SOLULIVE PEG-7 Olivate Fatty acid ester from olive. Moisturizing agent for skin and hair formulations.
POLYGREEN®   SQUALENE Vegetable Squalene  Excellent stability derived from the unsaponifiables of olive oil. It is equivalent to hman sebum that's why it has perfect skin compatibility.
POLYGREEN®SURFACTOLIVE Peg-23 Olivate Non ionic surfactant obtained from olive oil. Emulsifying agent for lotions and creams.
POLYGREEN®TENSOLIVE Olivamidopropyl Betaine Amphoteric surfactant from olive oil. High performance foam stabilizer and emollient. Recommended for shampoos and liquid soaps.
POLYGREEN®VISCOLIVE Olivamide MEA Mono ethanolamide from olive oil. Thickner, stabilizer, and greasing surfactant. Excellent after feel.

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Emulsifying Systems

Product INCI  Features/Benefits 
 iEmul 165 See Technical Information Self-emulsifying base, acid stable, suitable for all cosmetics emulsions and creams.
 iEmul CT See Technical Information Non ionic auto emulsifying base. Suitable for creams, lotions O/W, ointments and deodorants.
 iEmul 68 See Technical Information Non ionic auto emulsifying base. Suitable for creams, lotions O/W, ointments and deodorants.
 iEmul N See Technical Information Anionic auto emulsifying base. Suitable for the manufacture of creams, lotions and ointments in the cosmetic industry.
 iEmul WO See Technical Information Emulsifier blend for W/O emulsions, perfect for emulsions containing large amounts of silicone/polar oils and provides stable W/O emulsions with smooth texture and remarkable spreadability.
 iEmul A6 See Technical Information O/W self emulsifying base. Suitable for using with inorganic salt as well as alkali formulations.
 iEmul Crystal See Technical Information 100% vegetable base. EO free that has extra moisturizing properties due to the presence of glutamic acid derivative Precursor of PCA.
 iEmul J See Technical Information Nonionic auto emulsifying base. Suitable for the manufacture of creams, lotions O/W and ointments and creamy deodorants.
 iEmul C16-18 See Technical Information Fatty alcohols used as an emulsifier, emollient and viscosity controller. 
iEmul SPDT See Technical Information Emulsifier and thickener polymer of water in oil emulsion and free of acrylamide.

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Special Esters

Product INCI Features/Benefits
POLYLAC® 136 A Cetyl Lactate It has moisturizing and soothing action on dry skin. It improves texture and conditions of damaged and dull hair.
POLYLAC® 14 LM Myristyl Lactate Lactate acid ester with conditioning, emollient and soothing action.
POLYMOL® 812 Caprylic/Capric triglycerides Neutral emollient with high compatibility with the skin. Suitable for the manufacture of cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and lotions.
POLYMOL® ADB Dibutyl Adipate Emollient of excellent spread ability on the skin. It confers silky touch.
POLYMOL® ADI Diisopropyl Adipate Emollient ester with an exceptional solvent action. Non volatile. Gives a dry and well after feeling without oily residue.
POLYMOL® BS-18 Butyl Stearate Emollient for the manufacture of creams and fluid lotions. It has excellent spread ability on the skin.
POLYMOL® CTV Decyl Oleate Thickner, emollient and solubilizant agent for the manufacture of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. favors the active penetration.
POLYMOL® G Octyldodecanol Excellent emollient with solubilizing properties. promotes the skin penetration of active ingredients.
POLYMOL® HE PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate Moisturizer and emollient agent for cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.
POLYMOL® IGS 2-Octyldodecyl Isostearate Emollient ester for cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations. It has spread ability with an emollient and silky finishing touch.
POLYMOL® IPM Isopropyl Myristate Non oily ester, emollient with good spread ability which provides a silky and dry after feeling to final products.
POLYMOL® IPP Isopropyl Palmitate Excellent emollient with no oily residue on skin or hair. Suitable for the manufacture of capillary masks and hair conditioners.
POLYMOL® OP Octyl Palmitate Ester with good spread ability and emolliency. favors a balanced dispersion of the pigments in sunscreens and make-up formulations.

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Cationic Conditioners & Bases

Product INCI  Features/Benefits
SUNQUART®CT-29 Cetrimonium Chloride Cationic surfactant in aqueous solution. Suitable for the manufacture of hair conditioners and capillary formulations.
SUNQUART®SDB Stearalkonium Chloride Mild cationic tensoactive. Suitable for the manufacture of leave-on and rinse off hair conditioner and baby products.
SUNQUART®TMS Behentrimonium Methosulfate/Cetearyl Alcohol  Cationic tensoactive. Suitable for hair conditioners, masks and styling creams. Improves comb ability, softness and hair shine. May be used in skin products too.

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